You may have noticed this funny looking square on http://blog.makingmindsbrighter.com/.  This is called a QR code and they are becoming very popular in the United States and across the world!

You can scan QR codes with your iPad, Samsung tablets, iPhone, or virtually any phone with the QR code reader installed.  You can get one for free by searching for "barcode scanner" or "qr code reader" in your phone's app store.

This is called a QR code

Scan this QR code to view http://blog.makingmindsbrighter.com/ on your phone, iPad, or other mobile device.  If you need more detailed instructions on scanning QR codes, here is an awesome article that explains, in detail, on how to scan them.

Click here to learn how to scan QR codes - http://www.mobilesitelinkexchange.com/p/is-your-smartphone-ready-to-scan-qr.html



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