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Summer Math!

Can you believe that the school year has come to an end?  It seemed like it went by quickly...but then again it always seems that way.  

I believe that we should continue to work with our children even during summer vacation so I will continue to create and share worksheets with you.  (I always post them to my  blog first, so made sure you join the mailing list so you can get them as soon as I post them.)  To begin the summer break, I created a review of multi-step math problems.  This is a set that students can work on independently, but you may have to do an example with your child first.   Knowing that it is summer vacation, I wanted to create something that was short, yet effective.  This is a new format that I will do throughout the summer and parents to will be happy that you only have to print one sheet of paper and this includes the answer key. 

Depending on how you would like for your child to work on the practice sheet, you have two options: 

Option one - You could print the math worksheet and fold the answer key  that it is under the worksheet.

Option two - You can print and cut the worksheet so that the  answer key and worksheet are separate.

Download Weekly Math Worksheets All Summer!

I hope you enjoy the summer break and remember to check weekly to download summer practice worksheets for your child.  

If you are running a summer camp, vacation bible school, summer tutoring, etc. please feel free to share with your class or group.

Click/tap to download the first Summer Math Worksheet!


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