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Allow your child to be creative and high-tech this Valentine's Day with the new, cool that makes it super easy!

Creating Valentine's Day QR Codes is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1
Here's how it works, first go to http://MakingMindsBrighter.com

Step 2
Enter the e-mail address so you can print and download the cards you create (don't worry, your address will not be sold, given away, shared, etc.)

Upload a picture of your choice (optional, but makes the experience really cool!)

Enter a special message like, "Be My Valentine!" or a cute poem.  Save, and print your customized Valentine's Day Cards with your custom QR Code!

Kids love these and they can be shared and traded like baseball trading cards since each one will have a unique message on them.

Give it a try now!  Go to http://MakingMindsBrighter.com


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