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Make it easy, use the Money Cheat Sheet!
Teaching your students or child about money can be a fun and exciting exercise for them and you.  Since I started volunteering, I often think of ways to make learning easy and as fun as possible for the students. To help with the common items that the children will often see in their homework assignments that involve money I created a Money Cheat Sheet that will help beginners as they start to learn the values for coins and dollars. You can download the Money Cheat Sheet here.  I suggest making it into something more durable by attaching a foam board to it so the child can keep it in their folders or desk for quick access and reference. 

Money Cheat Sheet for Kids

Now that you have the Money Cheat Sheet, download and print the Money Values for Beginners Worksheet for your
students.  The Money Values for Beginners Worksheet will give students practice with getting familiar with the values. 

This will help as students solve word problems that use money like the following, 

"If you have three dollars, three quarters, and five nickels, how much money do you have?"

I have seen these types of word problems in the Common Core standards often. Giving students an advantage by giving them the Money Cheat Sheet will give them a tool they could use when solving money related word problems like the example above. 

Download Free Money Printables
Free Printable - Money Values Lesson 1


Free Money Worksheet Downloads
Money for Children 

Feel free to download the Free Money Cheat Sheet and Money Values for Beginners Worksheet for your child or students

Check back often over the next few days, I have more Money Worksheets that you can use to teach your

children about money.


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